Gingerbread House decorated with fondaunt as the wall base
The Gingerbead House Kit that will last season after season
Simply snap it together and The Candy Cottage is ready to decorate
Regular cake icing is the base of your imagination
Decorating is the fun in gingerbread houses
Ready to Decorate.  The reusable gingerbread kit
Holidays. Birthdays.
Even Saturdays!
Who has time today to bake, assemble and decorate a gingerbread house?

The Candy Cottage®, the baking
and assembly is over; and all that
is left is the fun - the decorating!
The Candy Cottage. Memories Made Sweet
A gingerbread barn strung with holiday lights and cheer!
The ready-to-decorate,
NO baking necessary, family-fun gingerbread house!
Safe and durable plastic construction.
Sturdy walls and roof won't collapse like kits.
Snaps together in seconds.
Reusable. Wash it off and decorate again and again.
Nobody has time to bake and assemble a gingerbread house these days. There just isn't enough time to do it all.

But, what we all remember most about gingerbread and the holidays, is the fun of decorating. The pure enjoyment and excitement of playing with icing, candies and other creative decorations and placing them on your gingerbread house, each piece adding to a happy memory.

The Candy Cottage
® makes those great memories possible once again...without the baking..and without the assembly.

Ready to decorate, right out of the box. Simply snap it together, grab some icing, a couple of your favorite candies and let the decorating begin! And it's reusable - season after season!
I don't have time to cook dinner; so baking a gingerbread house is impossible.
The Candy Cottage
let me and my twins start
a happy tradition.
Renee J, N. Carolina
Big enough for the whole family to enjoy. 14" wide and almost 10" tall!
So much fun and so easy!
I'm buying one for each of my grandchildren!
Angela H, Virginia
Any Season! Any Reason! Classic Family Fun for all!
Ready to Decorate.
Memories Guaranteed.
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Patent US D664,217 S.. The Candy Cottage® and Memories Made Sweet® are Registered Trademarks of Cottage Products, LLC. Manufactured in North Caroliina, USA
Snaps together in seconds!
Learn just how fast the fun starts!
It is just plain easy!
Just start with some icing and your favorite candies...
Just add your favorite candies, some icing and let the memories begin.
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